In the summer of 2014, Armada became Quebec’s first gay inclusive mens rugby 15s club. The team offers an athletic environment in which everyone can play without discrimination in regards to their sexual orientation.The players create a space that allows for the development and appreciation of each individual in their uniqueness and what they can bring to the team.


The men's team, now a part of IGR (International Gay Rugby), first stood out when placing 3rd in their division at the 2016 Bingham Cup in Nashville, TN.


The team first tasted victory in 2017 upon winning both the Robin Cup in Ottawa and the Beaver Bowl in Montreal, facing teams and players from Ottawa, Toronto, Boston, Columbus and Philadelphia.


2018 was a particularly successful year for Armada. During their second participation in the biannual Bingham Cup, Armada won the Challenger Cup placing 1st in the third division against 30 other teams from around the globe. Armada then went on to win the Beaver Bowl consecutively for the second time, this time being held in Toronto.

2019 proved to be quite the year as well. Armada played in the first division at the Capital City Cup in Columbus in May and participated in the Beaver Bowl in September as well. We also played in our regular Rugby Quebec DD2 league, and played for the first time in the Montreal Touch Rugby League, as well as at New York Sevens in November. 


Still a fairly young team, Armada continues to recruit and expand its horizons,

The core team has about thirty players on the male-identified division and a smaller group on the female identified division. While any gender expression is welcome at practice, league rules limit matches to people who identify as cis or trans men. Armada Montreal is a part of the International Gay Rugby (IGR) league, a global league of inclusive rugby teams. We are also a part of Rugby Canada and Rugby Quebec.

Throughout the year, the team organizes practices twice a week and occasional social events. During the rugby season - which runs from late April to September - we play a handful of friendly, competitive matches with teams from both the Quebec league and the IGR league. Some matches take place in the greater Montreal area, whereas others involve day trips outside the city. The team also attends a few annual or irregular tournaments taking place elsewhere in Canada and around the world.

Armada is run by a volunteer board of directors which is elected at our annual general assembly. The six member board takes care of the back-end management of the team with the help of volunteer committees. We also have three coaches who manage practices and games. Lastly, a player’s representative acts as the liaison between the players and the board. It is this person’s job to lobby on behalf of players and to handle any individual concerns that they may have.

Read our Charter and Code of Conduct here.