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Since 2014, Armada Montreal RFC has offered a stimulating and safe environment for the practice of rugby.

Throughout practices, matches and tournaments, in addition to our many social and fundraising activities, we aim to promote the practice of rugby and the place of LGBTQ2+ sport in Quebec and elsewhere. ​

Do you want to be part of Armada too?

Give it a try, it's free!

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It's already been more than 6 months since I joined the team, and the team was able to show me the exercises with patience but firmness, stimulating my desire to learn a new sport in a pleasant environment. Armada is a beautiful balance of focus and spontaneity - a team full of beautiful, unique, vibrant people.

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As soon as I arrived in Canada, I was looking for a group of friends, and I'm happy to have found Armada. Much more than a sport, it is a real team that is also found off the field. Progress and involvement are present, which motivates you even more to surpass yourself!




Having joined theteam in January 2023, I didn't know what to expect. Thanks to Armada and my inspiring and amazing teammates, I gained a lot more confidence and learned a lot, not only about the sport, but also about myself. In summary, I am very proud to be part of an exceptional team.

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As a former athlete who played many sports at various levels, I really love rugby. A chaotic, intense sport where each person, regardless of their size and appearance, is in their place and has their role. Armada is an incredible inclusive team that has, quite honestly, changed my life.

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Returning to rugby as a trans person scared me. It had been three and a half years since I last played, and I was afraid I would never touch a rugby ball again in my life. Being part of Armada means being part of a big inclusive family! Even if the club is located in Montreal, I confirm that the trip from Quebec to Montreal is worth it, because I truly feel at home and well surrounded by this team.

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